Understanding Integration Cloud and how to get the most out of your implementation

Month: August 2016

ICS Coverage at Open World 2016

With Oracle Open World (OOW16) in San Francisco only a month away now – the agenda  appears to be all sorted out, and ICS has several sessions dedicated or including it, so we thought it might be worth highlighting them here:

In addition Robert is also presenting at Open World on a related subject of SOA CS – Top Tips for Mastering Oracle SOA Cloud Service [UGF1450]

ICS Book Contents

As we close in on the completion of the book, we can start to share lots more details about what the book covers, the resources you might find helpful to go with the book examples. So here are the books contents …

  • Part 1 – Setting the Scene
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1 – Introducing the concepts and terminology
  • Part 2 – Implementing your first integrations
    • Chapter 2 – Integrating your first two applications
    • Chapter 3 – Distributed messaging using publish and subscribe model
    • Chapter 4 – Integration between SaaS applications
    • Chapter 5 – Going Social with Twitter & Google Mail
  • Part 3 – Making More advanced Integrations
    • Chapter 6 – Creating Complex Transforms
    • Chapter 7 – Conditional Routing and Filtering
    • Chapter 8 – Publish & Subscribe with external applications
    • Chapter 9 – Managed file transfers with scheduling
    • Chapter 10 – Advanced orchestration with branching and asynchronous flows
    • Chapter 11 – Calling an on-premise API
  • Part 4 – Managing your Cloud
    • Chapter 12 – Are my integrations running fine, and what if they aren’t?
    • Chapter 13 – Where can I go from here?


Digital Impact Conversation & Podcast

The Linkedin group Digital Impact Conversation in conjunction with their podcast Digital Impact Radio available on SoundCloud cover a number of areas in the Oracle (i)PaaS space including ICS, which to date has appeared in the following episodes:

Each podcast is pretty short and sweet.

Public FTP Services that could be used with Chapter 9

In chapter 9 of the book we work through a number of examples of using ICS with FTP.  If you don’t have a web provider that already offers you an FTP server to use you, we’ve found a few services you might consider using. We provide no guarantees for their trustworthiness and reliability. But they maybe sufficient to enable to run the scenarios described in the book:

The alternate option is to exploit the fact that website hosting compaies usually provide FTP access to upload content. Here are a couple of options:

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